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  • VOICE, I Live Here (De Cauze Films, 2015)
  • THE WRITER, Thanks for Reading (RW Film, 2015)
  • DANIEL HARPER, The Keys to our Mind (Bridgwater College in association with Alzheimer’s UK, 2015)
  • PAUL, The Brightest Star (Another Dimension, 2015)
  • AUGUST GISSLER, Mystery Hunters 3: August Gissler and the Isle of Cocos (World Media Rights, 2014)
  • NEOLITHIC MAN, Operation Stonehenge (October Films, 2014)
  • RICHARD GRIFFITHS, Valley of the Witch (Northbank Entertainment, 2013)
  • KHARON THE FERRYMAN, Walking with the Ferryman (Fiery Archer, 2013)
  • HOMELESS MAN, BLT (JC Image, 2013)
  • JOHN WALKER-LINDH,  CIA Declassified (World Media Rights, 2013)
  • SIR GEORGE CAREY, Living Portraits: A Guide to Torre Abbey (Red Brick Pictures, 2013)
  • RICHARD DADD, Broadmoor (Talent South, 2013)
  • VIKING RAIDER, Bloody Tales (True North Productions, 2013)
  • WAR, The Four Horsemen and Daphne (Motionblurr, 2012)
  • KARL MAUCH, Raiders of the Lost Past: The Real King Solomon’s Mines (World Media Rights, 2012)
  • JESUS, MyCatch iPhone app commercial (Hazazah, 2012)
  • LAZAAR, A Hero’s Journey (SlamScreen Media, 2012)
  • PRINCE CHARMING, Cinderella (Stage – 2012)
  • DETECTIVE INSPECTOR BRUTON, Silhouette (Stage – 2011)
  • EDWARD ANGKATELL, The Hollow (Stage, 2010)
  • MR. MOON, The Real Inspector Hound (Stage, 2003)
  • BRINDSLEY JACKSON, Black Comedy (Stage, 2003)
  • FREDDIE JACKSON/PHILIP WELCH, Deep Blue Sea (Stage, 2002)
  • PRINCE EDMUND, King Lear (Stage, 1998)
  • LUCKY ERIC, Bouncers (Stage, 1998)
  • LUDLOW LOWELL, Pal Joey (Stage, 1997)
  • HENRY IBSEN, The Real Thing (Stage, 1997)


Drama Training: BA (Hons), Central School of Speech and Drama & QMW, University of London.

  • Location: Somerset, UK
  • Height: 6′
  • Weight: 190lbs
  • Playing Age: 30 – 40 years
  • Ethnicity: White Caucasian
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Hair colour: Brown
  • Hair length: Short
  • Facial hair: Beard

Natural accent: RP

Other accents: American, Australian, Cockney, Eastern European, Estuary English, French, London, Hampshire, Heightened RP, Scottish

Vehicle licences: Car Driving Licence

Languages spoken: English (native), French, Spanish

Other skills: Singing (professional-level baritone), fully-trained professional wrestler, stage combat, TV presenting, compère, Master of Ceremonies, role playing, secret singer, wedding singer.

Ross is on the Internet Movie Database


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